Thursday, October 7, 2010

I Could Never Be A....

In response to Mama Kat's weekly Writer's Workshop prompt, Describe a job you absolutely would never want to do, I decided to compile a TOP 10 No-Way-Could-I-Ever-Do-These-Jobs list:

10.) Funeral Director
I have a hard enough time just attending an open-casket funeral.  And I have seen one too many horror movies to endure a job where you spend your day surrounded by dead people.  After a while, I might even imagine that they are talking to me.  No thanks.

9.) Dog Walker
One word: poop
I clean enough of that already as a mommy to 3 humans and 1 canine.  No thanks.

But if the dogs are potty trained, I might reconsider.

8.) Lifeguard
I won't sink like a brick in the water; I can swim enough to save my own life.  But, the rest of you are ON.YOUR.OWN.  No thanks.

7.) Theme Park Ride Operator
I enjoy the thrill of a good roller coaster too much to spend my work day watching other people have all the fun.  No thanks.

6.) Road Kill Scraper
Yes, there are people that do this for a living.  Our roadways would be a messy and dangerous place without these brave folks.  But,...ewwww, not for me.  No thanks.

5.) Bomb Disarmer
Waayyyy too much pressure.  I'm all for meeting goals and deadlines, but when it means getting blown to smithereens when the clock runs down to 00:00....No thanks.  I'd rather live another day to try again.

4.) Barista: a person who prepares and serves espresso-based coffee drinks.
I would much rather drink it, than serve it.  If I did work as a barista, I would look more like this:

than this:
No thanks.

3.) Sommelier: a trained and knowledgeable wine professional who specializes in all aspects of wine service as well as food and wine matching.
I would rather drink it, than recommend that others drink it.  If I did work as a sommelier, I would look more like this:
than this:
No thanks.

2.) Professional Clown
Please, is there anything scarier in this world?  Not a fan of clowns.  Never was, never will be, never want to be one.  No thanks.

1.) Mime
I consider myself to be a bit on the shy, quiet side, but a mime I could never be.  Also, mimes are almost as scary as clowns.  Almost.  No thanks.


  1. ooh my... so clowns scare me, funerals make me so nervous, and I sweat just at the thought of ordering coffee...

    These are gerat.

  2. What an enjoyable post! Thanks for sharing and making it humorous experience. I have to agree with just about all of those. I couldn't work with dead bodies, at least fresh ones. I'm going to school to become an archaeologist and so will have to deal with the dead sometimes, but most will be skeletons by the time I get to them.

  3. I think mimes are much scarier than clowns. It's good you wouldn't want to be a lifeguard since you can't swim well--me either. I hate when animals get hit by cars and lie squished in the road so probably wouldn't want that job either.

    Stopping by from writer's workshop. Here's a link to mine if you get a chance to visit:

  4. Haha I love this. I must say I agree with all of them.. definitely not things I would do either.

  5. Hey. Clowns. I forgot about those. Probably because I think they're scary too, so I try to keep them from entering my mind, ever. I posted 10 No Thanks list too @
    If I made another list. I would include clowns to it. And funeral director. I would die of fright just from my own overactive imagination.