Saturday, October 16, 2010

Enjoy the Moment

Today was a day filled with soccer.  The sun was shining.  The wind was blowing.  Parents, grandparents, and siblings lined the fields.

Little Man was the first to play today.  It was mid-morning and the fields were still damp from last night's rain.  The sky was bright blue with just a few stray clouds.  Gusts of cold wind blew red, orange, and yellow leaves past me in a perfectly choreographed dance before falling gracefully to the ground to be discovered by curious child hands.

I sat curled up in my furry fleece, shades over my eyes, warm toddler on my lap, watching Little Man tear up and down the field in relentless pursuit of the black and white ball.  He scored effortlessly, high-fiving his coaches and jumping for joy with arms outstretched.

He's good.  I am proud.

One hour later, Big Girl played her game under a warmer autumn sun.  Despite the occasional moments of pure warmth, the strong, chilly wind gusts would not let us forget what was in store for us.  Old Man Winter grows impatient - we'll soon be feeling his wrath.  The slight scratchiness I felt in my throat as I sat watching Big Girl run with her teammates reminded me of past winters and the agony of flu, cold, gray days and cabin fever.  Knowing what is just around the corner, I treasure Fall's comfortable weather and vibrant colors that much more.

Sitting there today in my skimpy folding chair I began to dread the very thought of Winter's imminence.  I wondered how I could possibly make it through all those cold, dark days when....

....the scent of steaming, hot, pumpkin-spice flavored, caffeinated goodness wafted my way and I was back in the moment.

I love my hubby.

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