Friday, October 8, 2010

Five Question Friday

I'm participating in a blog hop over at My Little Life today. Stop by, link up and discover some great bloggers!

1. What do you listen to while driving?
Why, that's easy!  Lots and lots and lots of whining. :)

2. What is your least favorite thing about Fall?
When it's over and the dark, dreary days of Winter begin.  I really can't think of one thing about Fall that I don't like.  It's my favorite season.

3. What does your dream house look like, inside and out?
 I love Mediterranean style homes!  My dream home would look a lot like this:
The front:
My bedroom:
My kitchen:

My backyard:

4. Would you ever own a minivan?
I do own a minivan and I totally rock it like nobody's business.  Rust, chipped paint, fingerprinted windows and all!

5. Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?
I never did (well, except the obvious - swimsuits and undergarments) but I may reconsider after reading this:


  1. I love your dream house, I just can't help thinking about who is going to clean that beautiful house. Although I supoose if one could afford that house, a maid isn't out of the question!!! :)

  2. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond today and bought new pillows - I am now looking at them imagining what might be lurking within :-)

    I love your dream house bedroom, I could just curl up with a good book there all day.

  3. Oh I love your dream house! Reminds me of the house on Brothers and Sisters:)
    Great Friday five

  4. I do so love the Mediterranean style, too.

    Have you seen the Swagger Wagon commercials? They are beyond awesome! What a phenomenal marketing scheme.

    And the bed bugs, yow! I was recently in San Francisco and supposedly they are overrun there, too. I had to buy a coat while I was there for the chilly nights and I hightailed it over to their huge Marshalls. I was overjoyed to find a beautiful Calvin Klein for a great price. I didn't even think twice about the bed bugs being in the stores, until I read the headlines the next morning. I itched for the rest of my trip.