Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dear Alexa....

Today you celebrated your ninth birthday.

Your mama said you could have ANYTHING you wanted for breakfast - you requested pancakes (plain and chocolate chip) and bacon. There was no bacon so your daddy make a special trip to the store to pick some up for you.

You had an awesome party at a little private bowling alley at a local university. You felt so special. You said that no one else has ever had an ENTIRE bowling alley for their birthday!

All your closest friends and family were there to share in the fun. Even your grandparents bowled! You hung out with your girl friends, sang out loud to your favorite music that blasted from every corner of the alley, you danced around and did silly things, and you bowled, of course.

Your mama watched you proudly from afar, with camera in hand, marveling at the smart and lovely little girl you've become. You are a tomboy, but such a girly-girl too, even though you would never admit it.

You had a soccer birthday cake and soccer themed goody bags. You had lime green, baby blue, and white balloons. You made your Mama promise not to use any PINK in your birthday colors. Mama told the girl at the bakery to trim your soccer cake with PURPLE icing - it was a very cool cake.

Your mama and daddy bought you that "Just Like Me" American Girl doll you wanted soooo bad. She even had glasses, just like yours!

And the Harry Potter Lego Wii game you thought looked cool. Your brother spoiled your surprise when he walked in on your mama in the living room (at 1:30 am!) wrapping the gifts the night before, and even though he promised not to tell, it was the first thing he did when he went back up the stairs to your room.

You were both so excited about the bowling party, you didn't fall asleep until almost 2:00 am. But you still woke up early the next day!

You had a great day and you thanked your mama and daddy for the BEST birthday party EVER!

Happy Birthday Alexa!


  1. What a lovely post and beautiful pictures. I love the last photo of your daughter with her beautiful smile and her wonderful look alike doll.

  2. Oooh---a thank you even! Sounds like a wonderful day!